Customer Spotlight - Meet Chariot

Chariot is a payment button that nonprofits can add to their donation form, enabling donors to give with their Donor Advised Funds. Chariot gives its users a simple opportunity to leverage the best of DAFs in their donations with three clicks.

Chariot is backed by top-tier investors, including YCombinator, Spark Capital, and SV Angel.

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Elon Salfati

The Challenges

  • Ambitious MVP
  • Short timelines
  • Adopting development best practices
  • Integrations with beta testers
  • Provision cloud infrastuctures
  • Automate deployment
  • High-end data encryption and security
  • Ensuring stability and monitoring
  • Ensure scalability of the product and future team

The Outcome

  • Deliver fast, monitored, and secured MVP
  • Release with two integrators and one customer
  • Multiple cloud environments managed by Nopeus
  • Multicloud cybersecurity architecture
  • On-time delivery
  • Seed Round raised after release 🎉

Salfati Group Solutions

  • Software Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Cybersecurity Architecture
  • Nopeus

"Salfati Group enabled us to fulfill our vision faster and better than we could expect. A completely independent team with deep business understanding and its role while building a customer-facing product. Elon's background as a multiple-time founder provided impactful value to overcome our challenges"

- Salo Serfati, Founder and CEO

Empowering the DAF payment market

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a specialized financial account used for the purpose of charitable giving. It allows donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants (that become donations) to 501(c) charities over time.

However, it is still very challenging to leverage the full power of DAFs due to complex processes on the donor's side, unnecessary back office DAF work, and idle funds in the DAF accounts.

Chariot aims to solve all of that by providing nonprofits with an easy-to-use payment system that connects the DAFs and the nonprofits. The goal for the MVP was to bring this idea to life while ensuring high-security standards, future growth, and adoption among initial customers.

The SalfatiGroup Differentiation

Unlike many agencies, our team is composed of ex-Founders. We have first-hand experience building SaaS products, showing results to both VCs and customers, releasing quickly, and building for future scale. Salfati Group supports founders in their journey towards solving complex problems while ensuring high-end security, automated processes, and leveraging the full power of the cloud.

When speaking with Salo (Co-founder and CEO), it was clear that Salfati Group can significantly amplify its vision, roadmap, and security posture for the first line of code to a production product that supports nonprofits around the United States.

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