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Achieve Product-Market Fit in Record Time with Crews

Unlock the full potential of your startup with Salfati Group's Crews Ventures Studio. Our team of experienced founders, world-class security experts, and technology-driven approach will help you achieve product-market fit in record time, while ensuring future scalability.

GiveChariot's Journey to Multi-Million Dollar Success

Discover GiveChariot's journey to multi-million dollar success with Crews. See how our unique approach helped them achieve product-market fit and secure funding. Let us help your startup reach its full potential.

The Launch Barrier

Launching an MVP can be daunting, especially for early-stage startups like GiveChariot with limited resources and a need for security expertise, they were struggling to launch fast and with future scale in mind.

Effortless MVP launch with Crews

Salfati Group's Crews service provided GiveChariot with the expertise, experience, and technology they needed to launch their MVP fast and with future scale in mind. Our unique MVP launch portal and ongoing support ensured GiveChariot's success and future growth.

Results that Speak for Themselves

GiveChariot achieved product-market fit and launched their MVP in record time with Salfati Group's Crews service, resulting in onboarding customers and a successful multi-million fundraising round.

Ready to Achieve Success with Crews?

Achieve product-market fit and secure funding like GiveChariot did with Salfati Group's Crews service. Our team of experts will help you reach your goals faster. Take the first step towards success today.

Experience the Future of MVP Development with Crews

Unlock the future of MVP development with Crews. Advanced features, driven by AI and technology, ensure product-market fit and future scalability.

Unmatched visibility

Get complete visibility to literally everything in your mission in real time.

Breathtakingly fast

Delivering projects 10x quicker than any other development team.

Designed for growing companies

Our team integrates your work methodologies to ensure a seamless and positive impact.

World-class quality and experts

Meet our world-class in-house security, AI, and architecture experts.

Build momentum

Get full access to the crew working on your mission and make business-critical decisions with a push of a button.

Seamless Ecosystem

Our unique ecosystem experience provides seamless integration and accessibility between Salfati Group’s portfolio of services and products.

Salfati Group has helped us reach our goals in no time. We are amazed by the quality of the products and services they provide.

Salo Serfati, CEO of GiveChariot

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Navigate the Startup Journey with Crews

  1. Validate Your Idea

    Get expert feedback and guidance on your product idea before launching an MVP.

  2. Launch Your MVP

    Experience unmatched visibility and support as you launch your MVP with our unique portal and team of experienced founders.

  3. Achieve Product-Market Fit with Crews

    Get the customers and traction you need to validate your product with our AI-driven approach and ongoing support.

  4. Secure Funding

    Raise the funds you need to scale with our proven track record of helping startups secure funding.

  5. Scale Your Startup

    Achieve long-term success and scalability with our deliverable package, including video tutorials, codebase reviews and ongoing support.

Leading Investors Believe in Our Customers' Success

Our customers soar to success with the support of top investors like YCombinator and Spark Capital. Trust in Crews' proven track record and join the exclusive group of successful startups. Seize this opportunity to unlock your startup's full potential.

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