Deciphering the DNA of Successful Startups.

Salfati Group is a research-centric ecosystem committed to identifying the barriers to startup success and breaking them down. Through venture development, strategic consultation, and targeted funding, we're turning research into action and improving the odds for startups globally.

We’ve worked with amazing people

  • Algar Telecom
  • Fastdezine
  • To Zero Ventures
  • GiveChariot
  • ScopeFour Capital
  • Powtoon
  • Endeavor Digital
  • IDL Ventures

Mission - Doubling startup success for a stronger economy and higher ROI

We are on a mission to amplify startup success rates using a research-centric and AI-first methodology, continually transforming new barriers into opportunities for a stronger global economy and higher portfolio returns.

Kontax AI

Portfolio Company

Revenue Growth through AI-powered Prospecting.

Kontax AI is a AI-first prospecting platform leveraging Hyper-Personalization at Scale to build meaningful and captivating conversations with prospects and investors.

Give Chariot

Case Study

Donor Advised Fund donations in 3-clicks

Give Chariot is a payment solution that allows users to donate to their favourite charities in just 3 clicks. Leveraging our Venture Studio as a Service to build out their MVP in 2 months leading to a successful launch and seed round.


Case Study

Invest in your future leaders

Endeavor partnered with Salfati Group Venture Studio as a Service, swiftly transforming their innovative ed-tech vision into a market-ready product.

Salfati Group has helped us reach our goals in no time. We are amazed by the quality of the products and services they provide.


Ecosystem - Cultivating Synergy for Exponential Success.

In a virtuous cycle powered by research and AI, our integrated ecosystem compounds startup success, offering a portfolio of ventures and methodologies that continuously evolve for stronger outcomes.

  • Salfati Group Venture Studio. Our venture studio serves as the launchpad for promising startups, applying data-driven research and AI algorithms to transform nascent ideas into viable ventures.
  • Venture Studio as a Service (VSaaS). Guided by our Vertical Synergy Approach, we provide bespoke mentorship and operational support to startup founders, ensuring that their ventures are poised for accelerated growth and success.
  • Fund-raising Advisory. Our fund-raising advisory amplifies startups’ capital acquisition strategies, leveraging unique investor relationships and data-informed insights to secure optimal funding.
  • Corporate Innovation. Our corporate innovation partnerships open doors for startups to access invaluable resources and market reach, enhancing both their credibility and scaling potential.

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