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Salfati Group is a venture studio transforming the startup ecosystem with a blend of academic research and AI-driven insights. We don’t just identify early-stage startup challenges; we spin out ventures to tackle them, amplifying their success rate. This unique approach fosters a compound effect of success, benefiting the global economy and our investors.

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Our culture - Nurturing a Culture of Innovation, Collaboration, and Impact.

At the heart of Salfati Group lies a culture deeply rooted in three key elements: continuous learning, inclusive collaboration, and meaningful impact. These principles shape our daily operations and long-term strategies, aligning our team around a shared mission to redefine startup success.

  • Continuous Learning. We are firm believers in the power of perpetual growth—both for startups and individuals. Our commitment to continuous learning pushes us to stay ahead of industry trends, research new methodologies, and refine our AI-first strategies. We’re always questioning the status quo to find better ways to support startups and yield stronger outcomes.
  • Inclusive Collaboration. Salfati Group is built on the premise that the best solutions are crafted when diverse minds come together. Our inclusive culture invites different perspectives into the room, whether from our internal team or the founders we support. We value open dialogue, mutual respect, and constructive criticism as tools for creating synergistic solutions.
  • Meaningful Impact. While we’re motivated by the metrics of startup success and investor ROI, we measure our worth in the broader impact we make. Whether it’s a venture that solves a pressing social issue or a methodology that reshapes industry norms, we’re committed to creating a meaningful ripple effect that extends beyond our portfolio and into the global economy.


  • Elon Salfati

    Founder / CEO


  • Cory Brooks

    Growth Lead

  • Jacob Riesterer



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