Case Study - Donor Advised Fund donations in 3-clicks

Give Chariot is a payment solution that allows users to donate to their favourite charities in just 3 clicks. Leveraging our Venture Studio as a Service to build out their MVP in 2 months leading to a successful launch and seed round.

Case Study
Give Chariot
Venture Studio as a Service

Salfati Group Venture Studio as a Service

Salfati Group Venture Studio is more than just a venture studio —- it’s a holistic approach, where we transform nascent startup ideas into thriving ventures. We accomplish this through our cutting-edge, research-centric, and AI-first methodology. Our Venture Studio as a Service is a unique offering wherein we provide startups with our robust framework externally, equipping them with tools and strategies that have been cultivated in our ecosystem, without them having to be a part of it directly.

Why Give Chariot Chose Us

For startups, one of the primary challenges is scaling from a concept to product-market fit. Give Chariot, with its innovative Donor Advised Fund (DAF) payment solution, sought to bridge the gap between nonprofits and the vast pool of DAF dollars. They needed a partner to navigate this journey and hands-on launch this startup with them -— enter Salfati Group Venture Studio as a Service

The Compound Effect

Venture studios bring a compounding advantage: By leveraging vast resources, knowledge, and expertise, they dramatically reduce the time and iterations a startup typically undergoes. This compounding effect means faster growth, better product-market fit, and a higher likelihood of success. For Give Chariot, the compounding effect manifested in rapid adoption and optimization of their DAF payment solution.

The Journey

With Salfati Group Venture Studio as a Service, Give Chariot transformed:

  1. Idea Refinement: We streamlined Chariot's core idea, ensuring it was poised for maximum impact in the nonprofit sector.
  2. AI and Data-Driven Strategies: Leveraging our AI-first approach, we enhanced Chariot's payment system for a seamless donor experience.
  3. Operational Excellence: Our Vertical Synergy Approach provided Give Chariot the mentorship they needed, ensuring accelerated growth.
  4. Product-Market Fit: With our insights and tools, Give Chariot achieved a perfect alignment with their target audience, ensuring their DAF solution wasn't just another product but a necessary tool for nonprofits.

The Outcome

Today, Give Chariot stands as a beacon in the nonprofit sector, enabling organizations to tap into the untapped DAF reservoir with ease. By choosing Salfati Group Venture Studio as a Service, they didn’t just get a service; they got a partner dedicated to their vision and success.

What we did

  • Fullstack Development
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cybersecurity & Compliance

Salfati Group has helped us reach our goals in no time. We are amazed by the quality of the products and services they provide.

Salo Serfati
Founder and CEO at Give Chariot (YC S22)
> 1000
> $4M
Clicks to donation
Months of hands-on work

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