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We believe in efficiency and maximizing our resources to provide the best value to our clients. The primary way we do that is by re-using the same five projects we’ve been developing for the past decade.

Case studies

Kontax AI

Salfati Group Venture Studio

Revenue Growth through AI-powered Prospecting.

Kontax AI is a AI-first prospecting platform leveraging Hyper-Personalization at Scale to build meaningful and captivating conversations with prospects and investors.

We spinned out Kontax AI from Salfati Group Venture Studio in 2023 from a need of many founders to have a more qualified and efficient way to reach out to investors and prospects.

Before Kontax AI, our conversation rates were good. However, since we implemented their solution, we've seen a substantial surge. Our conversation rate has increased significantly, allowing us to convert more qualified leads than ever before. Kontax AI truly revolutionizes the way we conduct our sales process. It's a game-changer!

Ursula Aleixo, CEO of Fastdezine, Inc.

Give Chariot

Venture Studio as a Service

Donor Advised Fund donations in 3-clicks

Give Chariot is a payment solution that allows users to donate to their favourite charities in just 3 clicks. Leveraging our Venture Studio as a Service to build out their MVP in 2 months leading to a successful launch and seed round.

With our 0 to product-market fit expert team and framework, we have built an end-to-end product that is now being used by thousands of users ready to be scaled by the founding team.

Salfati Group has helped us reach our goals in no time. We are amazed by the quality of the products and services they provide.

Salo Serfati, Founder and CEO at Give Chariot (YC S22)


Venture Studio as a Service

Invest in your future leaders

Endeavor partnered with Salfati Group Venture Studio as a Service, swiftly transforming their innovative ed-tech vision into a market-ready product.

This collaboration amplified Endeavor's growth potential, showcasing the power of the Venture Studio framework for startups.

Kontax AI has been pivotal in supercharging our portfolio strategy, harnessing hyper-personalization to drive unprecedented growth and revenue. With their innovative solutions, they’ve set a new benchmark for startup success within Salfati Group.

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