Our process - The Salfati Group Approach

At the heart of Salfati Group lies a meticulously crafted process that is more than just a business model—it’s a perpetually evolving machine engineered for optimum startup success. When you engage with Salfati Group, you’re investing in a process that’s designed to compound success with each iteration, promising higher ROIs and a tangible impact on the startup economy globally.

In-Depth Research & Data Collection

Identifying the key challenges of launching a new startup. Our journey commences with an exhaustive exploration into the multifaceted challenges of launching a startup. This involves mining vast data pools, employing our AI-first strategy to uncover patterns, and collaborating with industry experts to pinpoint the common pitfalls and barriers that startups face.

Included in this phase

  • Empirical Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • AI-Driven Insights
  • Industry Expert Consultations
  • Barriers Identification
  • Analytical Reports

Solution Synthesis

Capitalizing failure over time. Armed with our research insights, we ideate, design, and refine potential solutions that address the identified challenges. Our unique combination of research-centric methodologies and real-world business acumen ensures that we develop actionable strategies, ready for real-world application.

Our commitment is to transmute research into actionable solutions, ensuring each strategy is honed to address the multifaceted challenges startups encounter.

Elon Salfati, Founder, Salfati Group

Venture Creation

Turning Ideas into Enterprises. The synthesized solutions provide a blueprint for our venture studio. Here, we take promising concepts and, with our reservoir of resources and strategic support, mold them into scalable, high-impact startups. This phase embodies our commitment to actively transforming barriers into business opportunities.

Included in this phase

  • Concept Development. Transforming promising ideas into tangible business plans, setting the foundation for scalable and impactful ventures.
  • Strategic Planning. Crafting robust, tailored strategies to navigate the market effectively, ensuring each startup is poised for success.
  • Founder Mentorship. Providing relentless support and guidance to our founders, enabling them to overcome challenges and realize their visions.

Feedback & Refinement

Growing Through Experience. Post-launch, we continually monitor, mentor, and support our portfolio startups. The real-world experiences and challenges they face offer invaluable feedback. This feedback is funneled back into our research phase, providing us with fresh perspectives and areas of focus.

It’s not merely about launching ventures. It’s about refining and evolving them continuously, learning from every hiccup, every success.

Ursula Aleixo, CEO of Fastdezine

Iterative Improvement

Cycling Towards Perfection. Our process doesn’t end with the success of a startup. Instead, we harness the learnings from each venture to refine and optimize our approach. By iterating on our process, we ensure that with each cycle, we spin out startups faster and with an even higher likelihood of success.

Included in this phase

  • Process Optimization
  • Lessons Learned Integration
  • Methodological Refinement
  • Continuous Learning
  • Enhanced Strategies Development
  • Cycle Renewal

Our values - Doubling Startup Success Rates Globally

At Salfati Group, we believe our strength lies in our core principles, which shape our strategies, define our approach, and guide our day-to-day operations. Here are the six fundamental values that underpin our commitment to redefining startup success:

  • Relentless Curiosity. We foster a culture where asking questions is encouraged, ensuring that we never settle but always seek deeper insights, novel ideas, and innovative solutions.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making. Our decisions are a blend of instinct and intelligence. We lean on robust data, analyzed through our AI-first approach, to inform our strategies and validate our instincts.
  • Synergistic Collaboration. Recognizing that the best solutions emerge from diverse perspectives, we champion teamwork, cross-disciplinary engagements, and open dialogues, both within our team and with our startup partners.
  • Adaptive Evolution. In the dynamic world of startups, agility is key. We are constantly attuned to changing trends, challenges, and opportunities, ensuring that our strategies and startups remain resilient and relevant.
  • Impactful Integrity. We are guided by a moral compass that prioritizes ethical actions and transparent operations. For us, success is not just about numbers but also about the positive change we can instigate in the startup ecosystem and the broader world.
  • Enduring Commitment. Our dedication to the startups we support isn’t fleeting. We’re in it for the long run, providing unwavering support, mentorship, and resources, ensuring that they not only launch but thrive and contribute meaningfully to the global economy.

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